Sunday, November 17, 2002

where to start.......I HATE SARAH! my god she makes me so mad I cant believe she did that. I offer to help plan the surprise party for my friend and I dont even get invited. How lame is that? Im so pissed off right now....and my dad....ugh I cant do anything right...I joke around with my sister and I get yelled at.....I cant stand it. And Lily's mary-kay was awesome! It would have been better if "THEY" hadn't showed up. The bottle drive for JCL that was a joke. I got stuck going with Jenn and fun fun...NOT! Actually being with jenn and john wasnt that bad it was the fact that is so friggen cold and no one was home! ugh!!!!!! Ok well now that all out....I cant wait til first JCL convention and the bowl-a-ton....and cheering tryouts tuesday! this week has to be good.....except for the fact...IT SNOWED THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!! ugh! just another thing to add to my stress of the day.

Friday, November 15, 2002

today was just another one of those days. Nothing happened. I went to school and found out that Mike bordik or what ever his last name is was coming to our school and is our "home town hero"! What fun....we had an assembly that I had to play in the band for...Then latin...nothing great in there. And Darci my dream.....EWWWWW!!!!!!! And finding out that Austin supposably has a girl friend....jessie im so sorry! But I got to see "him"! and that made my day all better :-D And i swear computers hate me...last night it stopped working and today at school it wouldnt work! Ugh things just getting worse.....And after school Cartomin....that was Boring! Mike totally creamed me! and everyone else! well thats all for today